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Eat Better Snacks with Lotus Pops !

It all began with Sruti Jilla who shared a passion for food and a watchful eye in restaurants that was intrigued by new dishes and seldom ordered the same cuisine a second time which is how she came across roasted Lotus Seeds on her journey to India.

She then was devoted to lotus seeds as a snack.

Sruti and I have something in common we both love to find healthy snacks that are made with real ingredients but don't sacrifice flavor.

What Sruti realized was that happiness seems to blossom when sharing and that's how Lotus Pops was born to share with the world !

Lotus pops are

•rich in antioxidants
•Corn Free
•Gluten Free
•Paleo Friendly
•Low in Glycemic Index
•Great Source of Protein
•helps alleviate restlessness
•light and easy to digest
•a good and wholesome food

Lotus Pops are free from

•Artificial colors
• Artificial flavors
•Trans Fats

Lotus Pops are available in these pop able crunchy flavors

•Sweet Chili
•Himalayan pink salt

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