Frosted CherryJolly Rancher Poptart Skosay Sample

As a kid I shared a love for Poptarts they were the perfect breakfast to wake up to so warm and gooey with the fruity filling along with the icing on top!

My all time favorite hard candy were Jolly Ranchers especially cherry !

Poptarts came up with a brilliant idea creating Jolly Rancher flavored Poptarts.

For a limited time only you can find Jolly Rancher Poptarts in flavors like

  • Green Apple
  • Frosted Cherry
  • Watermelon
I received a sample of the new Jolly Rancher Poptart in Frosted Cherry Flavor and it was like a cherry bomb exploding in my mouth!

Biting into the Frosted Cherry Jolly Rancher Poptart reminded me of the candy bursting with that juicy flavor of cherries but with a fun filled fruity center and frosting for a delightful treat!

I received a free sample of Frosted Cherry Jolly Rancher Poptarts from Skosay which started by Jasoon Kohrig and Justin Urso creating a company for consumers to engage with brands as well as their retailers and in 2015 their sampling program was born!

They realized that consumers are spending more time online than in stores so they designed a Skosay sampling program in which they teamed up with Coty Products, Clif Bar,Tyson Foods,  Nautica and Rimmel. Later in 2017 they introduced their digital debates platform as a quota for their sampling program that was a huge hit!

Skosay is not only the first company that is a 2in1 company being a rebate and sampling platform for consumers to try out products free of charge and sharing their thoughts on the web!

Skosay is both easy and free to join whichever platform you choose.

The Simply Sample Platform is a club that you join in which you are notified of free sample opportunities as they become available without any apps to download and it's completely free!

When there are free samples available sign up for campaigns then simply confirm your mailing address via text message and the samples are then shipped straight to your door. After you've tried the sample share your thoughts!

With the Simply Rebates platform you get cash back on purchases in stores. It's easy and there's no app you have to download like those other guys!

All you do is sign up create a profile through the Simply Rebates platform and you'll get to see a list of current rebate offers when you do so.

Head to your favorite stores and pick up eligible items. Skosay checks to make sure you buy the product and then it will transfer your funds within a matter of seconds after it's been approved. Then simply cash out any desired amount after it's been approved they transfer it to Paypal!

I absolutely loved the Frosted Cherry Jolly Rancher Poptart that I received from Skosay it reminded me of my childhood bursting with intense cherry flavor in my two favorite things but with frosting on top! It was tart, sweet, juicy, refreshing and the perfect way to start the morning!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post but was provided with a sample of Frosted Cherry Jolly Ranchers Pop Tarts to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.







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